Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Matt Holliday

The Oakland Athletics appear to be just on the verge of acquiring right handed slugger Matt Holliday from Colorado. At first glance, Holliday appears to be a good fit in the traditionally powerful Oakland lineup, but this is a man who has played his whole career in that infamous Denver ballpark, Coors Field. Now he is going to play in a stadium that has made its name by being incredibly difficult to hit in due to its expanse of playable foul territory. Don't be surprised if he experiences a statistical drop off.
And as Big League Stew says, Billy Beane, GM of the Oakland A's and the perfector of the management style that is "Moneyball", will be well aware of Holliday's value and the ability of Holliday's agent, Satan's favorite cousin, Scott Boras. Beane, if he elects to conduct this transaction, will be wary and assess every factor as he proceeds with the negotiation with Colorado and Holliday. And in the event that Holliday does not produce, Beane will seek to trade him and his 13 million dollar paycheck in the offseason.

(notice the amount offoul territory on the infield)


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