Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mark Teixeira

Ok, I haven't posted in a while, but as a Red Sox fan, I am very interested in how this Teixeira business spills out. Best case scenario, he signs with Boston for 8+ years, and we trade Mikey Lowell for a middle quality prospect or a cheap veteran on the bench or in the bullpen. A lot of Sox fans are reluctant to trade the 2007 World Series MVP, but they clearly are not familiar with Mark Teixeira. 

Teixeira was 7 for 15 in the ALDS against the Sox this year. 7 for 15!!!! That is somebody you want in October. And oh, yeah, his regular season numbers aren't too shabby either. Let's try at least 30 home runs every year since 2004, and 26 his rookie year in 2003. A .290 career average, and a .378 career OBP! Anybody who would rather have Mike Lowell than this guy should stop reading this, learn about the sport of baseball, look at Teixeira's stats both on offense and his .995 career fielding percentage, and then talk to me.

If Teixeira signs with the Yankees, they will be straight up one o
f the best teams ever assembled. The only way the Sox have any way to counter the Yankees' huge offseason acquisitions is to sign Teixeira. This will allow them to contend with the Yankees next year even with Sabathia and Burnett. Long story short, it's Teixeira or bust for Boston.

PhotoSource: leath's photostream