Monday, October 20, 2008

Thats It

Huh... Well, its over. The Rays beat the older, more experienced Boston Red Sox in seven after a win last night. What happened? I'll tell you what happened, they choked. Straight up, New York style choke-job.
David Ortiz this post season: Bust, Jacoby: Bust, Kotsay: Bust, Varitek: Bust. Every game the pitching staff went out and did their job excepting games two and four, giving the Red Sox a chance to win in six games, but they didn't. They lost. Varitek and Kotsay both left upwards of twenty runners on base apiece. That's bad. In the eighth inning last night, with runners on first and third, why was Varitek even batting? Francona had Sean Casey on the bench who had a much greater chance of producing than the aging Red Sox Captain. God love him, but he simply cannot hit anymore.
Why did no one try to buzz Upton off the plate a little. They just pitched it where he wanted it, and he's on his way to breaking the single postseason home run record held by Bonds and Beltran.
The Sox should not have lost this series. But they did. All I can say is "C'MON PHILLIES, DESTROY THEM!!"
Photo Source:LP&P's photostream