Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Red Sox

The reason the Sox can't seem to win close games is simply because other than Masterson, opponents have figured out how to hit the once unhittable Sox bullpen. Hit Papelbon early in counts, and sit on Okajima's fastball. The rest of the bullpen is fairly ineffective, the perfect example of which is Mike Timlin.
  Tony Mazzerotti is over analyzing it. Plain and simple, when the game comes down to the wire, Boston needs to hope that Papelbon uses his splitter and LOCATES it. Otherwise the game is over, as then we have to rely on sub par middle relievers to close out the game. Under the pressure of late and extra innings, the bullpen implodes. 
This off season, the Sox need to acquire a strong middle reliever to remedy the situation, such as Rafael Betancourt or Duaner Sanchez. Then maybe they could hold the game long enough to win it.
Duaner Sanchez: Maybe the Red Sox can get an effective wearer of #50

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